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Sticker Storage Organizer Binder

Sticker Storage Organizer Binder

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Do you have a ton of stickers and don’t know what to do with them? Are they in a box and getting damaged? I had the same problem and came up with a binder with different inserts to hold my stickers. I love flipping through the pages and looking at all the stickers in my sticker collection!

Sticker organizer includes:

- 1” white binder

- 1 zipper pouch for loose sticker storage

- 4 inserts with three 4x6” pockets one 2.25x5” pocket

- 3 inserts with two 5x7” pockets

- 2 inserts with nine 2.5x3.5” pockets

- 3 glossy pages where you can stick and re-stick your stickers

- 3 sticky pages for storing odd shaped sheets of stickers (like the pages in those old-school photo albums!)

- 1 front page insert for your binder (as shown)

Sticker Storage Book Binder Organizer 15 Pages 8.5x11” Multiple Inserts

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